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Gatley's Equine


Gatley's Equine

  • Gatley’s Country Store Storrington offers a wide range of equine feeds, supplements and accessories as well as clothing, boots and many other products.

    We also have The Saddlery at Gatley’s Country Store Storrington. Our award-winning Saddler Rachael Davie carries out leather repairs on bridles, saddles and most leather goods. She also produces made-to-measure bridles as well as offering as wealth of advice about tack. She offers a saddle fitting service, supplying the new Kent & Masters® and Thorowgood® Saddles, New Ideal Saddles and reconditions secondhand saddles for sale.



  • Tack

    Gatley’s Country Store Storrington stocks many item of tack and saddlery for your horse including:

    Girths, Bridles, Leather Head Collars, Nylon Head Collars, Reins, Stirrup Irons, Stirrup Leathers, Bits, Leather Side Reins, Leather Draw Reins, Nylon Web Side Reins, Fetlock Boots, Tendon Boots, Over Reach Boots, Brushing Boots, Bandages, Foam Pads, V-Check Breast Plates, Running Martingales, Standing Martingales, Browbands, Hi-Vis Leg Bands, Studs, Lunging Equipment and Accessories, Lead Ropes, Training Aids, Carr & Day & Martin Leather Care, Horseman’s One Step, Effax Leather Care, Dubbin, Sedgwick Leather Care and Grazing Muzzles.

    Don’t forget we also have The Saddlery at Gatley’s Country Store Storrington. Our award-winning Saddler Rachael Davie can fit a saddle, make a bespoke bridle, repair your favourite saddle and tack as well as offer advice about saddles and tack. Rachael is happy to make a visit to your home or stable yard to fit a saddle and offer advice on the best saddle your horse needs. We currently stock a variety of second hand saddles.

    Gatley’s Country Store Storrington can supply all the grooming products you need:

    Brushes, Combs, Sponges, Tack Boxes, Grooming sprays, Canter Mane & Tail, Dream Coat, Stain Master, Absorbine Show Sheen, Show Sheen Shampoo, Stain Remover & Whitener, Miracle Groom, Cowboy Magic Super Shine, Detangler & Shine, Green Spot Remover, Net-Tex Detangler, Whitening Shampoo, Barrier Tangle Free, Revitalising Wash, Lavender Wash, Carr & Day & Martin Medicated Shampoo, Conditioning Shampoo, Extra Strength Shampoo, Sheath Cleaner, Equine America Whitening Shampoo, Fungatrol Shampoo, Tea Tree Shampoo, Equine Shampoo, Citronella Shampoo, Wahl Diamond White, Copper Tones, Quic Silver, Quic Color, N.A.F Show Off Shampoo, Pimp My Pony Shampoo, Skin Wash Shampoo  Dermaline Medicated Shampoo, Insecticide Shampoo, Wahl & Lister Clipping Oil.


    Gatley’s Country Store Storrington stocks the following products for your stable:

    Hay Nets, Stall Guards, Stable Fixings, Bedding, Tubtrugs, Plastic Feed & Water Buckets, Bucket Covers, Brooms, Forks, Fyna-Lite Forks, Future Fork, Rubber Matting, Jolly Ball, Likits, Snackball, Likit Tongue Twister, Likit Boredom Breaker, Equilibrium Vitamunch, Feed Bins, Corner Mangers, Water Carriers, Sirocco Stable Deodoriser, Virkon Disinfectant, Jeyes Fluid, Cribox, Wheelbarrows, Electric Fencing (Hot-Line).

    Gatley’s Country Store Storrington also offers a wide range of Horse Rugs, such as Horseware and Shires. Other brands available to order. 

    If you require your horse rugs to be washed, dried and re-proofed, Gatley’s Country Store also offers this service, so just bring them down and you will have them returned fresh and clean.


    Gatley’s Country Store Storrington stocks a wide selection of stable bedding. Don’t forget on orders over £30 we can deliver for free. We stock the following brands and types:

    Aubiose, Bedmax, Easy Pack Chopped Straw, Easy Pack Miscanthus, Easy Pack Premium, Megazorb, Snowflake Soft Chip, Snowflake Shavings, Verdo, Shredded Paper and Shavings.






Feed & Supplements

  • Health, Well-Being & First Aid

    Gatley’s Country Store Storrington stocks the following brands of equine health, well-being and first aid products:

    Animalintex, Gamgees, Hypocare, Gold Label Horse Care, Leg Ice, Skin Care Products, Mud Fever Remedies, Udder Creams, Pig Oil, Sweet Itch Remedies, Itchy Skin Remedies, Wound Cream, Hibiscrub, Wound Powder, Louse & Feather Mite Control, Vetrap Bandages, Eye & Nose Cleanser.

    Health, Well-Being & First Aid – Hooves and Hoof Care

    Gatley’s Country Store Storrington stocks a wide selection of products for Hoof Care:

    Keratex Hoof Hardener, Keratex Hoof Moisturiser, Keratex Hoof Gel, Keratex Hoof Putty, Effol, Carr & Day & Martin Hoof Oil, Tea Tree Hoof Oil, Daily Hoof Moisturiser, Daily Hoof Barrier, Cornucrescine Hoof Ointment & Hoof Barrier, Absorbine Hoof Polish, N.A.F ProFeet Hoof Moist, N.A.F ProFeet Hoof Dressing, Equine America Fungatrol Hoof Dressing, Poultice Boot, Heavy Duty Black Tape, Hoof Oil Brushes.

    Health, Well-Being & First Aid – Dealing with Flies

    Gatley’s Country Store Storrington stocks a wide selection of products to help owners combat the problems with flies, such as:

    Equine America Citronella Summer Horse Spray, Leovet Power Phaser, Carr & Day & Martin Extra Strength Insect Repellent Spray, Net-Text Fly Spray, Barrier Fly Spray, Net-Tex Fly Repellent Shampoo, Net-Tex Fly Cream, N.A.F Citronella Spray & Gel, N.A.F Deet Power Spray & Gel, N.A.F Extra Effect Spray, Lincoln Fly Replellent Spray & Roll On, Fly Masks (KM Elite, Shires, Amigo, Cashel).


    Gatley’s Country Store Storrington stocks the following brands of equine supplements:

    Dodson & Horrell, Equus Health, Equine America, Km Elite, N.A.F, Linseed Oil, Keyflow, Formula 4 Feet, TopSpec, Codlivine, Equivite, Horslyx, Saracen Licks.

    Equine Feed & Bedding

    We stock a wide variety of horse feeds, we have our Own Brand Forage Range, Baileys, Dodson & Horrell, Spillers, Saracen, Thrive, Keylow, Allen & Page, Coolstance, TopSpec, Honeychop,  Dengie, Devon haylage, Easy Pack haylage and bedding, Bedmax, Bed-Down, Auboise, Snowflake and many more. 







  • Gatley’s Country Store Storrington offers a great selection of clothing and accessories for the rider and for countryside living:


    Ladies gilets, unisex gilets, Tredstep, Hy Performance, Shires and Toggi jodpurs and breeches, riding socks, Mark Todd riding gloves, Sealskinz riding gloves, Pimple Magic Gloves, Tuffa Suede half-chaps, Tredstep leather gaitors, adult waterproof over trousers and a wide range children's riding wear such as jodhpurs, Gloves, hats and boots.


    Riding Hats, Champion Riding Hats, Charles Owen Riding Hats, Gatehouse Riding Hats, Rodney Powell and Champion Body Protectors and Hi-Vis Safety Gear such as Equisafety Polite.


    : Treadstep Donatello Long Riding Boots, Tredstep Giotto Jodhpur Boots, Mark Todd Long Riding Boots, Mark Todd Kelper Laced Paddock Boot, Mark Todd Heaphy Yard Shoe, Tuffa Polo and Morgan Jodhpur Boots, Tuffa Broadland Riding Boot, Tuffa Endurance Boot, Tuffa Carlow Clogs, Tuffa Splosher Boot, Kanyon Gorse X Rider Boots, Muckboot Short Boot, Toggi Canyon Boots, Toggi Cartwright Boots, Toggi Tuscon Child Long Riding Boot, Harry Hall Rubber Riding Boot, Tuffa Suede Chaps, Tredstep Liberty Chaps.

    riding hats


    body protector



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