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Gatley's Clothing and Footwear

clothing and footwear

Clothing and Footwear

  • Gatley’s Country Store, Storrington stocks a range of country clothing and footwear including the following items and brands:

    Country Clothing
    Toggi, Sherwood Forest, Weird Fish, Regatta, shirts, sweatshirts, gaitors and packamacs.

    Muck Boots, Toggi Country Boots, Sterling Safety, Dunlop, Toggi Wellingtons, Aigle Wellingtons, Regatta & Merrell Footwear.

    Regatta Socks, Heat Holders, shooting socks, socks, and a wide selection of hats and gloves.

    Hunters child's wellingtons, Dunlop, Heat Holders and other branded socks and gloves. 

    Sherwood Forest, Muck Boots and Toggi Country wear and items such as shooting socks, shooting gloves, hats, shooting trousers, gaitors, wax trousers, shirts, shooting jackets.




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